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Thank you for considering supporting our church! Your generosity helps us continue our mission and serve our community.


There are several convenient ways to make donations:

  1. In Person: You can leave a cash donation in the collection basket at the bankari on service days. Your contributions directly support our ongoing ministries and projects.

  2. Electronic Payments: For added convenience, electronic payments can now be made via our card machine at the bankari or by scanning the QR code in church using your mobile phone camera. 

  3. Online Donations: You can also donate securely through our website. Click on the following 'DONATE' link to make a donation online. Your support from afar is greatly appreciated and helps us continue our vital work.


Additionally, we want to emphasise that donations are not limited to monetary gifts. Your time and assistance are equally valuable to us. We welcome volunteers to join us in various tasks and projects. If you're interested in volunteering, please reach out to our committee members by emailing who can provide more information and discuss how you can get involved.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our church community, together we will make a difference.

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