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Dear Brothers and Sisters

As we all know, we are approaching the day of the Dormition of the Theotokos. Let's take this opportunity to reflect on her importance in our lives.

At its core, her role was to bring the Son of God among us, creating a bridge between us and God, so that we may again find our way; the way that was lost with the committal of the ancestral sin. In a way, she helped to connect the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Even after her dormition she remains present as an intercessor between God and mankind.

There are countless hymns dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but by far the most compelling is 'To Thee the Champion Leader', which we sing on the first five Sundays of Great Lent, but also in times of crisis. It was written circa 626 AD and was sung during the siege of Constantinople by the Avars. To this day it remains a symbol of intercession and hope during struggle.

Let us sincerely pray to the Theotokos from the bottom of our hearts that she intercede with the Heavenly Throne for us sinners that we may be forever blessed.


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